I’m far from the first person to say this — I’m not even the first to write a snapshot on it — but I’m well past the point of being ready for this winter to be over. As nice as a snow day is, I’m paying good money for these classes and want to get everything I can out of them. I was trying to figure out a better solution than UFV transplanting its campus and students closer to the equator when I realized I could just break out of the standard schedule.

Why not work all summer and take my break during the winter? Sure, it might mean I can’t be as picky about my courses because of the limited selection in the summer, but at least I’m not a big vacation guy, so I don’t care if my time off is when it’s hot and sunny or freezing cold. In fact, it might be nice to sit in an air-conditioned classroom in the summer.

Am I actually going to do this? Probably not. I’m trained to follow the traditional structure of the year just like everyone else. But maybe it’ll provide me a little bit of comfort next time I’m complaining about the snow to know that I don’t have to be doing this, but that I’m choosing to.