Words don’t have meaning, but this sentence might.

I can’t help but notice the inherentness of a major descriptive field described entirely in metamorphosis. Allow me elaborate.

Taking cues from late Adamantism combined with a contemporary self-centered instructive migraine, it would be better to say nothing than to say nothing at all. The formulaic, insert-buzzword-here model has disseminated throughout the pole and tariat masses. Nearly indecipherable from the trooth, this cownterfit, might, appear, worthy of merit but merit never be so.

Where do we trace the routes of this new movement? The answer lies; or perhaps it merely misunderstands. Information is cheap, it’s now nearly worthless. Having gone off the knowledge standard, information is majorly overinflated. This is because information travels faster than the speed of sound reason.

Oxfam dictionary’s word of the year for 2016 was post-truth. I think the era of “post-truth” may be an inaccurate analysis. I propose, calling upon the theories of Kantietzsky, Praxheim, and Zjong Chlee, a new perspective: The era of “I’ve made up my mind, don’t bother me with the truth.”