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33844 King Road
Abbotsford, BC
Canada V2S 7M8

Phone: 604-854-4529


Vanessa Broadbent
The Editor-in-Chief, as he or she is affectionately known, oversees the entire production and is the public face of the Cascade. He or she, along with the Managing Editor, does a final round of edits before the paper is finally sent off to the printers. He or she also writes the Editorial on behalf of the Editorial Board. They also have a final say on everything that is published by The Cascade.
Joel Robertson-Taylor
Managing Editor
The Managing Editor is the human resources foil to the Editor-In-Chief. The Managing Editor helps train new staff and volunteers, edits the features sections, solves problems, plans writers’ workshops, schedules meetings, and spends a lot of time in the office sorting out various issues. Along with the Editor-in-Chief, does a final round of edits before the paper is finally sent off to the printers.
Quintin Stamler
Business Manager
The Business Manager is in charge of Cascade finances and helps run the office. He or she writes cheques for paid staff, helps keep everyone on budget and sells ad space in the newspaper. The Business Manager, Managing Editor, and Editor-In-Chief are scheduled for the most office hours per week meaning that these three are the most likely to answer any questions.


Brittany Cardinal
Production Manager
Kat Marusiak
Copy Editor

Sectional Editors

Joel Robertson-Taylor
News Editor
Panku Sharma
Opinion Editor
Jeff Mijo
Culture Editor
Martin Castro
Arts in Review Editor