Joel Kleingeltink on his time as a Cascade and being an...

Joel Kleingeltink was recently named the UFV men’s volleyball program’s third All-Canadian. The graduating business student and right side from Langley, B.C. is finishing...

Wrestling for gold

The UFV Cascades wrestling team’s Brad Hildenbrandt edged his way to the top of the men’s 120 kg category at the national wrestling championships...

Women’s basketball season ended by Thunderbirds

The Cascades season has come to a close, having put up a proud fight against an obdurate UBC.

Cascades lose four games in one weekend to the Wolfpack

2015-16 is the final regular season where we see the Canada West basketball Conference (BC through Manitoba) of Canadian Interuniversity Sport competition split into two age-appropriate divisions. The Explorers Division houses the six newest teams, in UFV, Thompson Rivers, UBC-Okanagan, UNBC, Mount Royal, and Grant Macewan. Meanwhile, the Pioneers Division is home to the elder statesmen of CW Basketball, in Victoria, UBC, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Regina, TWU, Calgary, Alberta, Lethbridge, and Brandon. Needless to say, there’s some uneven scale-tipping taking place west of “On-terrible.”

Kayli Sartori on the myth of balancing life and basketball

Kayli Sartori is beginning her fourth year with the Cascades women’s basketball team as a guard / forward. The agriculture student talks about her favourite moments playing with the Cascades, as well as being named Canada West’s third star of the week.

Rotary Trail good for all seasons

The Trans Canada Trail comprises the longest network of recreational trails in the world. Stretching from the west coast of Vancouver Island to Canada’s east coast, one notable portion of the trail — the Rotary Trail — runs through Chilliwack, which allows you to enjoy various sections of the north dyke of the Vedder River. While the trail also offers up spectacular views of the surrounding mountains (including Cheam and Slesse), perhaps its most significant feature is its multi-use nature.

Is swapping meals for Soylent worthwhile?

There’s a new craze spreading around the tech industry, and its name is Soylent. Not to be confused with the cannibalistic wafers in the 1970s science-fiction film, this version is based on various vegan sources and is designed to meet every nutritional requirement the human body has.

Dayton Pagliericci volleys into new season

As the Cascades men’s volleyball team comes home from their second road trip of the month, third-year criminology student Dayton Pagliericci is midway through his second season as a middle on the team. Pagliericci talks about balancing athletics and his studies, his favourite moments with the team, and the team dynamics this season.

Manny Dulay balances sport and school, with time left for “Movember”

As the Cascades men’s basketball team finishes off their second home weekend of the season, Manny Dulay begins his fourth year as a guard for the team. The kinesiology student talks to The Cascade about his beginnings with the sport, as well as his Movember fundraising initiative.

Eating healthy is a question of calories

Listen up. Diet is simple. Diet is king. Diet is what governs your weight. It doesn’t matter how much you work out if you aren’t eating right. Are you overweight? Eat less. Are you underweight? Eat more. Granted, you should make sure you’re eating a healthy amount of healthy foods, but we’ll just be thinking about calories for a little while.