The who’s who of the NDP Leadership Debate

Unless you're bringing your own celebrity or scandal with you, it’s a tough climb to make a name for yourself in Canadian political leadership...

Politics is like camping in the rain

The thing about big tents is it’s all fun and games until a gust of wind comes along and you’re crushed beneath the tent...

Flowers for Milo

While most of 2017 so far has been marked by the constant and unsatisfying edging towards either an impeachment, economic implosion, or all-out war,...

Meanwhile, in Canada: Policing potty language in the House of Commons

While many Canadians anxiously watched the drama unfold in America after the election results, Canada’s parliament had its own stink. Conservative MP Michelle Rempel likened the job crisis in Alberta to a “fart in the room nobody wants to talk about.” As she was blasting her impassioned speech, she was interrupted by Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, who couldn’t even bring herself to repeat the dreaded “f word” and instead spelt it out.

Why Trump Won

After the results were known, liberal activist Anthony Kapel “Van” Jones stayed on CNN Tuesday night to talk about President Trump. (Get used to saying it now, it’s going to be a long four years.) Van Jones emphasized that Trump’s victory was a white-lash: “This was many things. This was a rebellion against the elites — true.

So Trump Won

Well, I don’t think many of us saw that coming. Between the start and end of my 15-minute presentation on the futility of American Green Party electoral success on election night, the forecast reversed completely — I think there was even some ominous thunder outside.

Don’t just vote; Care

The town hall debate on Sunday night was a spectacle, and while it would give me great satisfaction to recount and analyze everything that happened, it wouldn’t do any good. Hundreds of commentators have given their take and spin, and chances are if you saw even a few clips you have already made up your mind.

An October to gloss over: Tim Kaine (D) vs. Mike Pence

Before every storm though, is quiet. In that lull of action people gather their thoughts, draw their perspectives inwards, and eye the ground where the lines will be drawn. Oh, and there is a vice-presidential debate.

Face it, you’re a nerd; Now vote like one

If you voted in the federal election last year, great! You played an important role in shaping the future of our country; however, I would argue that the upcoming provincial election is of greater importance. If you would like to have a more tangible influence on the place in Canada you call home, then you need to start thinking provincially.

The Vote Between Satan and Lucifer

The lesser of two evils mentality is flooding the minds of voters on the “Trump Train” and the “Hillary Express.” As Marcus indirectly pointed out in the interview, vote for Trump because Hillary is bad. Hillary supporters say the same thing about Trump. If you are with her, you support a crook, and the only first lady to ever be fingerprinted by the FBI. If you want to make America great again