Who controls the conversation?

While a campus should be the ideal principled setting for discussions of censorship and discourse, our expectations and rules of conversations are influenced and...

The last argument involved whether or not they caused cancer

I can’t possibly be the only one whose Facebook feed has been infected with sponsored content from the tobacco industry. From a community page...

Flowers for Milo

While most of 2017 so far has been marked by the constant and unsatisfying edging towards either an impeachment, economic implosion, or all-out war,...

Valentine’s Day vs. Family Day: Which dumb holiday is better?

Some holidays and special days are time-honoured traditions. Some have a purpose that reach back through centuries of human history. Others are, well, useless — or at least have become so.

Reading break: don’t let reading break you

Reading break is nigh. Perhaps this time you’ll actually use it to read. Or perhaps you’ll catch up on all that sleep you sacrificed to get that stupid project finished. Whatever you do, don’t waste this week of opportunity on school stuff, unless you actually enjoy it.

Is this really an autonomous decision?

I understand the Matsqui Nation’s logic in regards to changing their minds on the proposed Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMEP), and can respect their acceptance of it running through their land. Whether the pipeline runs through the land reserve or next to the reserve, there are still mandatory environmental and social assessments that would need to take place due to the direct consequences the pipeline will have on the surrounding communities.

Increased advertising in universities an unsettling trend

Back in 2005, Telus struck a deal with Science World: a $9 million “donation” in exchange for changing its name to “Telus World of Science.” The public was outraged, not just because “Science World” rolls off the tongue more easily, but because the idea of a corporation laying claim to one of Vancouver’s most beloved landmarks felt like sacrilege. Although the official new name stuck, over a decade later it remains known colloquially as Science World.

A lamp decapitated

Friday, January 22, 11:22 a.m. — A street lamp hangs by its final thread over the McCallum roundabouts.

Cheesies: the dilemma of Puffs versus Crunchies

Let’s be clear, there isn’t much of a debate here. Crunchies are almost universally regarded as the superior form of cheese cornmeal snack, barring a few fanatics or delusional heretics. In fact, if you check the vending machine on the first floor of the Student Union Building (by the campus card office) you’ll notice Crunchies are offered, but no Puffs. The corporations know what sells. They know all.

Mourning celebrity: Is it the person or the persona we miss?

Well, that was a pretty shitty week. David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and if you want to go back all the way to the last days of 2015, Lemmy Kilmister. These artists were all incredibly important to so many people, and now they’ve sadly passed away.