Counting down until reading break

The only thing I’m more thrilled about than the fact that the recent amount of snow resulted in a school closure allowing me to write this editorial at home, in bed, with a fresh cup of coffee and in my favourite pair of Star Wars pajama pants, is that next week is even better because I won’t spend every day wondering if for the following day, campus will be open or not.

Sometimes “pissing off” UFV is a good thing

The dangerous thing about running a student society on a campus that’s known for having a hard time getting its students engaged in its student societies, is that with an uninterested membership, there’s not much that can’t be done.

It’s not a race

When I was in grade six one of my best friends was an exchange student from Taiwan. At that age, myself, and the majority of my young and impressionable classmates didn’t see the fact that she was from a different country as something that set her apart in a negative way or made her different from us, but something that was enticing and made us want to know everything about her.

Re-evaluating activism

University students are generally portrayed as overzealous social justice warriors, usually bordering on slightly annoying. Maybe it’s because of this stereotype, but I’ve always found myself trying to tone it down, trying not to be the one that won’t stop preaching feminism and environmental issues, or shoving politics down everyone’s throats.

Mistakes happen, some are worse than others

Mistakes happen and sometimes they are just unavoidable. Part of being a human includes occasionally making errors, and that’s likely never going to change. Unfortunately, sometimes those mistakes can profoundly affect a large number of people, no matter how unintentional they might be.


Student engagement on campus has been a hot topic for as long as I can remember and clubs, associations, and student societies are basically begging students to get involved. Anyone that’s involved in pretty much anything at UFV knows the struggle of trying to recruit students, especially the Student Union Society (SUS).

With great power, comes great legal obligation

By now, most have heard of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) and the protest at Standing Rock Sioux native reserve in North Dakota. Likely, the way they have heard of the protest is likely via asking their friends why their current location on Facebook shows them at Standing Rock, North Dakota.

Wake up call for action

It seems that too often lately we are reminded that, while generally alright in a few contexts and tolerable in most others, human beings have it in us to be truly terrible. This past week a notice was issued that free condoms offered in UFV bathrooms had been tampered with by a yet unknown individual.

When political correctness and freedom of speech collide

Publishing anonymously is not ideal, and is something that The Cascade generally tries to steer away from, but occasionally it’s necessary. The Cascade published a piece last month anonymously, which recently received more feedback online than we expected. The writer had asked to remain anonymous, and this was one of those situations where we thought it was necessary.

Netflix or going to class: The struggle is real

Before starting university, I judged the students that I knew whenever they complained about how busy they were or talked about how difficult it was balancing classes with part-time jobs. But now I’ve found myself in the last year of my degree and busier than ever — so much so that I’m writing this editorial while I should be in class, a few hours before it has to be done, and days after it should have been done.