Don’t think about the garment workers

“I have formed a union at my work. I’ve been the president of the union since its formation. We submitted a list of demands and the manager received it. After they received the list we had an altercation with the managers. After the altercation, the managers locked the doors,” states Shima Akhter, a 23-year-old single mother recalling her experience as a Bangladeshi garment worker in the social documentary The True Cost.

Electoral Reform

Last week the Liberal government abandoned their campaign promise to reform the federal election system. While it didn’t garner as much media attention as less important but more sensational political moves to the south, for those who are passionate about the reform it created another layer of cynicism about Canada’s prime minister.

Fighting for a voice: Palestinian survival under Israeli oppression

The struggle between Palestine and Israel is the paramount conflict of our time, and it is our generation that has the power, and therefore the responsibility to end it. It is our duty as intelligent, educated, critical citizens of the free world to inform ourselves on the world’s great undertakings, so that when the time comes, and we are compelled to take a side, we have the confidence to firmly state our virtues and to stand for what we know is right.

The Cascade’s Best of 2016

The Best of the Cascade 2016

For the love of beer

In certain parts of the Fraser Valley, particularly around Chilliwack, you can still find patches of wild hops growing in roadside ditches or crawling up a weathered mailbox, remnants of the craft beer boom and pervasive hop farming that flourished in the 1930s.

Are You Punk?

As Ian Fildes pushes back his bleached blonde hair under his cap and finds a comfortable spot on the couch across from me, I notice his painted nails and septum piercing. Fildes is a second-year student in a basic musicianship program at Douglas College and although he has some features which could be considered punk, there is nothing unusual about his appearance considering he is a millennial.

The Way Way Wasted

Another new year, another chance to drink a bit too much, sleep less, and generally disappoint your parents. Here we provide you with a compilation of stories from your fellow students to help ease the shame you still feel from that Christmas party where you had a few too many rum and eggnogs, ate all the cocktail shrimp, and passed out spooning the dog. Find comfort in learning it could have been so much worse.

Christmas in the department store trenches

How a retail newbie found a paycheck and redemption-- just in time for the holidays.

It’s safe to say we’re safe.

Spending countless hours walking around campus is what every student tries to avoid doing, but for security guards this is exactly what their jobs entail. Recently, UFV changed their security provider and with the change in contract the best guards from the previous provider were offered positions at the new company, allowing them to stay on at UFV.

A death sentence for the destitute

I scramble up the brambly embankment in the dim morning mist, clacking metal like an army tank reverberates through the chill. Over the hill is a sparsely wooded area spotted with makeshift shanties and elaborately crafted campsites: layered tarps strung to uprooted tree roots, shabby tents, and rutted-tin lean-to’s. To my left, a young woman frantically bundles a sleeping bag into a shopping cart and rushes into a plywood shack. Downtrodden individuals speckle the forest, wordlessly rushing about, dragging boxes of personal knick-knacks and overloaded plastic wagons along the weaving mud trails.